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Atlas of Surgical Management of Male Infertility

by Anthony J. Thomas, Jr. and Harris M. Nagler

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Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 125pp. 
ISBN: 0896402827
Publisher: Williams & Wilkins 
Pub. Date: January 1995

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The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio. Atlas for urologists showing current surgical practices in the treatment of male infertility, with narrative summary. Includes microsurgery. High-quality halftone three-dimensional drawings. 17 U.S. contributors. DNLM: Infertility, Male - surgery atlases.

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Reviewer: Stewart T. Landau, MD (University of Utah College of Medicine) 

Description: The unique feature of this first edition atlas of male infertility surgery is a combination of illustrations describing the technique required to perform the surgery with a more comprehensive discussion of the rationale behind the surgery. This is not typical of most atlases. 

Purpose: The purpose is to combine a detailed pictorial description with a more extensive narrative summary to enable a urologic surgeon to both perform male infertility surgery and understand the rationale behind the surgery. Many urologic surgery atlases have covered some of these surgeries but without any background information or discussion of the science supporting the surgery. This is the first text of its kind to marry these two important aspects while teaching the art of infertility surgery. 

Audience: This book should be recommended to all urologic surgeons now practicing or considering providing male infertility surgery to their patients. Both authors are well-respected clinicians and scientists in the field of male infertility. 

Features: I found the illustrations simple to read, pertinent to the text, and beautifully drawn. The photographs are clear and comprehensive as well. The references at the end of each chapter were somewhat scanty, but the articles referenced were definitive articles for each topic in most cases. The table of contents was adequate because the text is simple in design. The overall appearance of the book is pleasing, with a standard cover with clean lines and a clear print design. 

Assessment: This atlas is amuch-needed addition to the library of the urologic practitioner who wishes to perform or who already offers male infertility surgery to his patients. The combination of a standard atlas with a discussion of the rationale behind male infertility surgery is now due. I found an occasional error, but overall, the text is straightforward, concise, and visually appealing.

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Provides urologists with detailed pictorial and narrative summaries of current surgical practices to correct male infertility, which has attracted increased interest recently because of improved results using the operative microscope for correcting obstructive azoospermia and integrating surgery with assisted reproductive technology. Black-and-white labeled drawings, photographs, and images accompany text by specialists describing their techniques. Among the procedures and conditions are laparoscopic internal spermatic vein ligation, testicular torsion, and cryptorchidism. Chapters also review the embryology and normal anatomy. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Embryology of the Male Reproductive Tract   1

Ch. 2 Normal Surgical Anatomy   9

Ch. 3 Surgical Approach for the Correction of Varicocele   21

Ch. 4 Laparoscopic Internal Spermatic Vein Ligation   25

Ch. 5 Veno-occlusive Treatment of Varicoceles   31

Ch. 6 Principles and Techniques of Microsurgery   43

Ch. 7 Microsurgical Vasovasostomy   55

Ch. 8 Vasoepididymostomy   62

Ch. 9 Complex Reconstruction for Obstruction of the Vas Deferens and Epididymis   71

Ch. 10 Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction   79

Ch. 11 Epididymal Sperm Aspiration for Assisted Reproductive Techniques   88

Ch. 12 Testicular Torsion   96

Ch. 13 Cryptorchidism   102

Ch. 14 The Alloplastic Spermatocele   117

Index   121

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