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Counselling for Fertility Problems, by Jane Read

Counselling for Fertility Problems

by Jane Read

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 240pp. 
ISBN: 0803989504
Publisher: Sage Publications, Incorporated 
Pub. Date: January 1995

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As medical advances over the last two decades have enabled more childless people to initiate conception and to become parents, this book examines the increasingly crucial role of counselling for those who seek help with fertility problems. With the practitioner specifically in mind, Jane Read presents clear, step-by-step guidelines which follow the counselling process from the initial phase of 'facing the key issues' through 'facing the loss', to the final stage of 'facing the future'. The most appropriate forms of counselling at each point are discussed and illustrated with carefully-chosen examples drawn from the author's own experience of working with couples and individuals. The book also sets fertility counselling in a wider context, looking at the related topics of sexuality and abortion as well as the potential psychological implications for donors. While the emotional needs of those presenting for and undergoing fertility treatment have been acknowledged, they have usually come second to the task of correcting the infertility and achieving a pregnancy. Counselling for Fertility Problems, however, recognises those needs while aiming to give them the priority, the attention and the help they deserve.

Table of Contents



Glossary of terms Introduction

1 The Development and Context of Fertility Counselling   1

2 Overview of the Counselling Model for Working with Fertility Problems   21

3 Facing the Key Issues   39

4 Facing the Loss   54

5 Facing the Future   72

6 Abortion Counselling   88

7 Fertility and Sexual Problems   103

8 Counselling Couples   116

9 Fertility Counselling and Issues of Donation   132

10 Counselling for Donors   148

App. 1: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990: Chapter 37    161

App. 2: Abortion Act 1967: Chapter 87    179

App. 3: The Abortion Regulations 1991    182

App. 4: Sperm and Egg Donors and the Law   185

App. 5: Resources and Organisations   188

References   190

Index   193

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