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Counselling in Male Infertility, by Sammy Lee

Counselling in Male Infertility

by Sammy Lee

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 169pp. 
ISBN: 063203906X
Publisher: Blackwell Science, Inc. 
Pub. Date: April 1996

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London, England. Outlines the theory behind reproductive counseling and offers models of counseling specifically related to male infertility. For professionals. Softcover.

The Author 

Sammy Lee , November 10, 1999. I wrote this book for patients` use as well as others! This is not meant to be a definitive book about counselling. There are many other better books. I wanted to highlight the plight of men with male infertility and to offer some insight into how they feel and respond to the stigma. Nor did I intend to write a weighty tome and to set out my stall as an all knowing "expert". I am merely a traveller with some insight which I wish to share. In sharing, I hope to help dispell the stigma that attaches to male infertility.

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British orientation/incl. diagnosing male infertility/coping & coming to terms w/male infertility/the medical agenda/etc.

From the Publisher

This book clearly outlines the theory behind reproductive counselling and offers models of counselling specifically related to male infertility. The text examines men's feelings and the threat which infertility can present to the male masculinity.

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Table of Contents





1 Man in Crisis   1

2 Diagnosing Male Infertility   15

3 Treatment Options for Male Infertility   31

4 Isolation and Self Punishment   47

5 Coping and Coming to Terms with Male Infertility   62

6 Counselling Men: Summarising Current Understanding and Exploring What Needs to be Done   73

7 Crucial Differences in Male and Female Ideology and the Role of Childhood Development   87

8 A New Messianic Age and the Cults of Children and Fertility: Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Factors   95

9 Donor Insemination and Male Infertility   111

10 The Medical Agenda   121

11 Law, Ethics and Morals of ART   127

12 Discussion and Conclusion   139

Bibliography and References   148

Glossary   155

Index   164

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