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Drug-Induced Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction, by Robert Forman, Nathalie Forman, Susanna Gilmour-White

Drug-Induced Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

by Robert Forman, Nathalie Forman, Susanna Gilmour-White

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Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 155pp. 
ISBN: 052146563X
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 
Pub. Date: March 1996

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Book Description

This unique source of reference provides the first comprehensive guide to the adverse side-effects of many commonly prescribed drugs on fertility and sexual health. More than 150 drugs are listed in this compilation, and the evidence linking them with infertility and sexual dysfunction is carefully reviewed. The volume also reviews the normal reproductive process and the mechanisms by which these drugs can interfere or inhibit reproduction. Another important theme of the volume is the effect of social and recreational drugs and environmental agents on reproductive health.

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Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospitals, London, U.K. Clinical reference on the side effects of many commonly prescribed drugs that can cause infertility or sexual dysfunction. More than 150 drugs listed. Includes social or recreational drugs and environmental agents. For pharmacists and physicians.

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The book contains black-and-white illustrations.

From Doody Review Services

Reviewer: Roy E. Weiss, MD, PhD (University of Chicago Medical Center)

Description: This is a monograph detailing the effects of various medications on male and female sexual function and fertility. The book is organized into eight sections divided by therapeutic classes of drugs (e.g., antihypertensives, chemotherapy, antibiotics, etc.) and an introductory section reviewing male and female sexual function.

Purpose: The authors state in their preface that they intended this book to provide the reader with a ""quick and easy"" reference that would be available when the practitioner is confronted with a question whether a specific drug would result in possible infertility or sexual dysfunction.

Audience: The authors state that the book is intended for medical personnel, nurses, and pharmacists who would be asked these questions regarding medications.

Features: On the one hand it would be useful to have a single reference that would provide a quick answer to these specific questions, but looking at the section on reproductive system side effects in the Physician's Desk Reference gives as quick an answer to the question with more references and is more user friendly in terms of finding a specific drug. This book would be potentially be more useful because of its conciseness and its size. However, it would have been much more useful to have a table listing each drug discussed in each section and standardizing the effect it has on the reproductive system. For example a list of all hypertensives on one page with their side effects so that comparisons could be made. A unique contribution to this book are thechapters on recreational drugs and on the environment. These discussions are not readily available elsewhere. Oftentimes a statement is made about the effect of a particular drug without a reference. If the authors are quoting their personal experience it would be useful to know that.

Assessment: In summary this book, while having merit in its idea, falls short of the expected usefulness as a quick and easy resource for drugs.

Table of Contents


1 Sexual and reproductive function 1

2 Antihypertensive therapy 15

3 Psychotropic and central nervous system drugs 29

4 Cancer chemotherapy 52

5 Hormone therapy 72

6 Antibiotics 85

7 Miscellaneous drugs 92

8 Recreational drugs and drugs of abuse 106

9 Fertility and the environment 124

Index 147

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