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Evaluation and Treatment of the Infertile Male, by Grace M. Centola, Kenneth Ginsburg, Kenneth Gnisburg

Evaluation and Treatment of the Infertile Male

by Grace M. Centola (Editor), Kenneth Ginsburg (Editor), Kenneth Gnisburg (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 322pp. 
ISBN: 0521450594 
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 
Pub. Date: May 1996

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Book Description 

This volume provides a comprehensive account of the evaluation and treatment of the infertile male. It is suitable for all physicians who encounter this common medical problem. It includes chapters which review the full range of modern techniques now available for analysing semen and identifying the underlying cause of infertility, and then goes on to consider the various treatment options. The volume also discusses endocrine assessment and treatment, psychological aspects of male infertility, and includes a chapter on female infertility.

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University of Rochester, NY. Clinical reference on the diagnosis and management of male infertility, for andrologists, gynecologists, urologists, and family practitioners. Discusses current treatment options and methods of evaluation. 23 U.S. contributors. DNLM: Infertility, Male - diagnosis.

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Table of Contents


List of contributors

1 Andrology   1

2 Sperm-egg interaction   6

3 Routine semen analysis   19

4 Computer-aided sperm analysis: a critical review   30

5 Antisperm antibodies: diagnosis and treatment   42

6 The sperm penetration assay   58

7 Intrauterine insemination for male factor   72

8 Processing human semen for insemination: comparison of methods   89

9 New assays for evaluating sperm function   108

10 Assisted reproductive technology for male factor infertility   130

11 Microinjection techniques for male infertility   156

12 Therapeutic donor insemination: screening, indications and technique   171

13 Endocrine assessment and hormone treatment of the infertile male   194

14 The urologic evaluation of the infertile male   215

15 Azoospermia: the diagnosis and treatment   235

16 White blood cells in semen and their impact on fertility   263

17 Psychological aspects of male infertility: lifting the shroud of shame   277

18 Evaluation of the female partner   297

Index   314

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