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Immunology of Reproduction, by Rajesh K. Naz

Immunology of Reproduction

by Rajesh K. Naz (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 336pp.
ISBN: 084935191X
Publisher: CRC Press, LLC
Pub. Date: December 1992

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Book Description

Immunology of Reproduction is a comprehensive review that describes the latest developments in reproductive immunology. The book focuses on the broad areas of infertility, pregnancy loss, and immunocontraception. Specific topics covered within infertility include the significance of antisperm antibodies and the sperm antigens involved, cell-mediated immunity, pathogenesis of endometriosis, and reproductive immunology of HIV infection. The section on pregnancy loss describes the unique role that immunology plays during pregnancy, both in fetal survival as well as in fetal demise. The book's section on immunocontraception describes the latest status of anti-hCG birth control vaccine and the development of potential contraceptive vaccines based upon LHRH, FSH, sperm and zona pellucida antigens. Immunology of Reproduction is a "must have" reference volume for all scientists working in andrology, fertilization, and embryology. Clinical practitioners working in reproductive endocrinology and maternal-fetal medicine will find the volume indispensable.

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Table of Contents

Pt. I Infertility

Ch. 1 Clinical Significance of Sperm Antibodies
Ch. 2 Mucosal Immunity of the Reproductive Tract and Infertility
Ch. 3 Sperm Antigens Relevant to Fertilization and Early Embryonic Development
Ch. 4 Role of Cell-Mediated Immunity in Infertility
Ch. 5 Endometriosis: Etiology, Pathogenesis, and Immune Mechanisms
Ch. 6 Impact of HIV-1 Infection on Reproduction

Pt. II Pregnancy Loss

Ch. 7 Immunology of Pregnancy
Ch. 8 Alloantibodies, Autoantibodies, and Disorders of Pregnancy
Ch. 9 TLX Alloantigens and Pregnancy
Ch. 10 Cytokines and Reproduction

Pt. III Immunocontraception

Ch. 11 Vaccines Against LHRH and HCG
Ch. 12 Induction of Infertility in the Male by Blocking Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Action
Ch. 13 Development of Contraceptive Vaccine for Humans Using Sperm Antigens
Ch. 14 Targeting the Zona Pellucida for Immunocontraception


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