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Infertility and Identity: New Strategies for Treatment, by Lara L. Deveraux, Ann Jackoway Hammerman

Infertility and Identity: New Strategies for Treatment

by Lara L. Deveraux, Ann Jackoway Hammerman

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Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 322pp.
ISBN: 0787938815
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers
Pub. Date: May 1998
Edition Desc: 1 ED

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The publisher, Jossey-Bass, Inc. , July 7, 1998

A revolutionary clinical model for infertility treatment. 
INFERTILITY AND IDENTITY is a much-needed resource that can provide its readers with the valuable support and education they need. Here's a great endorsement we'd like to share-- "A liberating approach for families who have been struggling to 'resolve' these lifelong issues. This original book should be read by therapists, adoption professionals, clients, and anyone touched by infertility. It can change your life."--Linda Perilstein, executive director, Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Washington, DC

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Annotation Incl.

emotional implications of alternatives to biological parenting; child-free life as a viable choice; sexuality etc

From the Publisher

Infertility and Identity offers a revolutionary clinical model for treating individuals and couples who are experiencing infertility. Lara L. Deveraux and Ann Jackoway Hammerman challenge the traditionally held belief that the only successful outcome for clients experiencing infertility is parenthood. They reveal how infertility profoundly affects a sense of identity and colors the most intimate relationships with family and friends. And, while the long-range psychological consequences of infertility have been largely ignored by mental health professionals, this resource fills the gap by showing clinicians how to support clients in overcoming their inevitable sense of loss and helping them to regain their power.

From Booknews

Challenging the traditional belief that parenthood is the only successful outcome for clients experiencing infertility, the authors show mental health professionals how to support them in overcoming their sense of loss and helping them to regain their power. They discuss how to help clients integrate the experience of infertility into identity; the effect infertility has on sexuality and on relationships with family and friends; and the emotional implications of the alternatives to biological parenting. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Table of Contents

Part One: Preparing the Therapist

1. Pioneering a New Model of Treatment

2. Learning the Essential Skills of Infertility Counseling

Part Two: Understanding the Client Experience with Infertility

3. Recognizing the Impact of Infertility

4. Identifying Specific Responses to Infertility

Part Three: Strategies for Treatment

5. Coping with Reproductive Loss

6. Dealing with Sexuality and Infertility

7. Considering Alternatives to Biological Parenting

8. Coping with Recurring Grief and Doubt

9. Regaining a Healthy Identity

Part Four: Session Plans: Assessment, Grief, Decision-Making, Special Concerns, Infertility and Identity, Self-Advocacy, Financial Planning, Alternatives to Biological Parenting, Termination

Appendices: A: Exercises

B: Suggested Reading and Viewing Lists

C: Resources

D: Alternatives to Biological Parenting: Practical Considerations

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