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Male Infertility, by T. B. Hargreave

Male Infertility

by T. B. Hargreave (Editor)

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Format: Paperback, 2nd ed., 466pp. 
ISBN: 3540762167
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, Incorporated 
Pub. Date: May 2001 
Edition Desc: 2ND

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Incl. histopathology of human testicular & epididymal tissue; immunity to sperm & fertility; vasectomy.

From the Publisher

Male Infertility is aimed at the clinician dealing with the infertile couple (not only the male) because rational, effective management is only possible if the couple are considered together. It provides advice to the clinician and gives reference to the underlying science. This will not only enable clinicians to understand the underlying science but will also give scientists an insight to clinical work. This blend of science and clinical work is reflected in the contributors who are experts drawn from both fields.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors   
1 Human Infertility   1
2 History and Examination   17
3 Semen Analysis and Other Standard Laboratory Tests   37
4 New Methods for the Diagnosis of Defective Human Sperm Function and Implications for Treatment   75
5 Histopathology of Human Testicular and Epididymal Tissue   105
6 Chromosomes   149
7 Investigation of the Female Partner   165
8 Psychology of Infertility and Management   177
9 Endocrinology of Male Infertility   191
10 Normal and Abnormal Testicular Development and Descent (Testicular Maldescent, Malignancy, Cancer Therapy and Fertility)   217
11 Erectile Impotence and Infertility in Men Undergoing Renal Replacement Therapy   235
12 Varicocele   249
13 Immunity to Sperm and Fertility   269
14 Infection and Male Infertility   291
15 Neurophysiology of Ejaculation and Treatment of Infertility in Men with Spinal Cord Injuries   307
16 Erectile and Ejaculatory Problems in Infertility   319
17 Azoospermia and Surgery for Testicular Obstruction   337
18 Vasectomy   365
19 Non-specific Treatment for Male Infertility   393
20 The Role of Assisted Conception in Male Infertility   411
21 Donor Insemination   427
Subject Index   453

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