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Progress in Infertility

by S.J. Behrman, Grant W., Jr. Patton, Gary, M.D. Holtz (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 4th ed., 414pp. 
ISBN: 0316087823
Publisher: Lippincott-Raven Publishers 
Pub. Date: December 1994 
Edition Desc: 4th ed

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This book contains black-and-white illustrations.

From the Publisher

Behrman, S.J., MB, ChB, MS(Univ of South Florida); Patton, Grant W., Jr., MD(Medical Univ of South Carolina); Holtz, Gary, MD(Medical Univ of South Carolina)

Nearly all of the contributors are affiliated with academic institutions in the U.S. and the U.K. Many are reproductive biologists and endocrinologists. Some are laparoscopic specialists; others are technicians in fertilization laboratories or in microsurgery training institutes. Institutions represented include Cornell, Univ of Alabama at Birmingham, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Univ of Chicago.

From Doody Review Services

Reviewer: James Aiman, MD (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Description: In the fourth edition of this classic book, the editors have attempted to choose topics that describe important aspects of infertility that are often not considered in more traditional texts of infertility.

Purpose: The editors and contributors intend that this book continue to be a review of the new developments in infertility. This edition has been shortened noticeably. Unfortunately, this edition provides standard fare in a too-abbreviated format. The objectives are largely unfulfilled.

Audience: Physicians who provide infertility services are the audience for this book. This seems apparent from the choice of topics, although this is not clearly stated by the editors. The contributing authors are respected authorities in their fields.

Features: The illustration quality is adequate, not outstanding. In general, the illustrations effectively improve understanding of the text by clarifying important or confusing points. The references are current, but perhaps not sufficiently extensive. It is curious that the publishers chose a typeface for the references different from that of the text and somewhat more difficult to read.

Assessment: The first edition of this book was a landmark contribution to infertility. The fourth edition fails to continue that contribution. Most of the chapters address subjects that are discussed more comprehensively and in a more balanced fashion in other books. Chapters such as cryobiology, the basics of immunology, mechanisms of tubal transport, and others of this kind would have kept this book at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine; such chapters are missing.

Table of Contents

Preface Contributing Authors

1 Future Developments in Reproductive Biology   1

2 Endometrial Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Fertility   37

3 Legal Aspects of Reproductive Medicine   45

4 Advances in Ovarian Hyperstimulation   55

5 Gamete and Embryo Micromanipulation   67

6 Cryopreservation of Embryos and Oocytes   89

7 In Vitro Fertilization Using Immature Follicular Oocytes Harvested from Ovarian Tissue   99

8 Evaluation of Male-Factor Infertility   113

9 Treatment of Male-Factor Infertility   123

10 Use of Follicular Fluid in Sperm Preparation   143

11 Therapeutic Donor Insemination   149

12 Laparoscopic Surgery for Infertility   173

13 Technologic Advances in Infertility Surgery   193

14 Microsurgical Laparoscopy   207

15 Transvaginal Procedures for Infertility   225

16 Falloposcopy   249

17 General Aspects of Immunology   261

18 Immunology of First-Trimester Spontaneous Abortion   267

19 Immunology of the Preimplantation Phase   275

20 Antisperm Antibodies   283

21 Treatment of Endometriosis   305

22 Luteinizing Hormone as a Predictor of Pregnancy Outcome   329

23 Ultrasonography in Infertility Management   339

24 Recent Developments in Ovulation Induction    363

25 Role of Infectious Diseases in Infertility   375

26 Contemporary Management of Ectopic Pregnancy   387

Index   401

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