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Reproductive Medicine: From A to Z, by Peter R. Brinsden, H. E. Reiss

Reproductive Medicine: From A to Z

by Peter R. Brinsden (Editor), H. E. Reiss (Editor)

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Format: Paperback, 1st ed., 152pp. 
ISBN: 0192629018
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Incorporated 
Pub. Date: January 1998

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The investigation and management of infertility has progressed radically since the advent of in vitro fertilization. It has ceased to be the province of the gynecologist alone, and often requires the co-operation of gynecologists, andrologists, endocrinologists, embryologists, geneticists, general scientists, psychologists, radiologists, nurses, ultrasonographers, social workers, medical administrators, and lawyers. Many of these do not have a medical background and fewer still have knowledge of the gynecological terms which are still in predominant use. Furthermore, scientific advances have led to the introduction of techniques and terms unfamiliar to the non-scientist, including the gynecologist. This dictionary of reproductive medicine, the first of its kind, has been conceived to address the concerns of all of these groups.

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Pocket-sized dictionary of reproductive medicine.Defines over 800 terms, with clinical relevance of each term. Extensively cross-referenced. Trim size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Softcover.

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From Doody Review Services

Reviewer: Lawrence C. Layman, MD (University of Chicago Medical Center)

Description: This dictionary of terms used in modern reproductive medicine encompasses essentials from the basic science and clinical realms of reproductive biology. Terms include subjects from basic anatomy, physiology, pathologic conditions affecting the reproductive system, diagnostic endocrine testing, genetic testing, ethics, and treatment. The definitions are accompanied by cross references to other entries.

Purpose: This text provides a compilation of definitions that may prove useful for those with a medical background who want to know details about the intricacies of reproductive medicine. Definitions of anatomic structures are accompanied by illustrations.

Audience: Physicians without training in reproductive medicine, nurses, medical students, ethicists, and patients have ready access to terminology in this continuously evolving field.

Features: This book is a compilation of terminology without a table of contents or index. Some of the definitions are quite extensive and include detailed descriptions and cross references. Common abbreviations and drugs used in the treatment of reproductive disorders are provided in the back.

Assessment: It is unique in that it defines a broad array of terms. It should be suitable for physicians who do not deal regularly with reproductive medicine, and it may be useful for individuals with a basic understanding of biology and/or medicine. However, except among those with a particular interest in this subject, this book probably will not receive widespread circulation. Ethicists andlawyers will find it more useful, but it is probably too technical for patients, except those who have a strong science background.

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