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Surgery of Male Infertility, by Marc Goldstein

Surgery of Male Infertility

by Marc Goldstein (Editor)

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Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 328pp. 
ISBN: 0721666930
Publisher: Saunders W B Co 
Pub. Date: October 1994

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Cornell University, New York City. Reference for urologists on the surgical treatment of male infertility. Includes microsurgical techniques and additional fertility-related techniques. Illustrated. 27 contributors, 25 U.S. DNLM: Infertility, Male - surgery.

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Goldstein, Marc, MD(Cornell Univ)

The contributors represent the specialties of urology, surgery, embryology, obstetrics and gynecology, and microsurgery. Most are from U.S. academic medical centers, with one from Germany and one from Russia. Institutions prominently represented include Cornell Univ, UCSF, and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

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Reviewer: Fred K. Kirchner, Jr., MD (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)

Description: This is a new book devoted exclusively to the surgical procedures encountered in male infertility. The contributors each present their own unique areas of expertise.

Purpose: The purpose is to present indications for, and details of, various surgical procedures surrounding male infertility problems. In recent years a number of technical advances have expanded the scope of this field, and not only are techniques described but also the expected outcome.

Audience: This book will be especially useful for urologists-in-training and for practicing urologists who wish to update their knowledge in this field. Additionally, this book will be a valuable resource for academic urology departments and reproductive center libraries.

Features: The book makes liberal use of excellent photographs, lucid illustrations, and, when appropriate, tabular information to present the material. Different surgical approaches to accomplish the same end are presented in separate chapters by appropriate experts. The book is supplemented by a section on training in various aspects of microsurgical disease.

Assessment: This is a very useful book for urologic surgeons and urologists-in-training who wish to familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date surgical procedures dealing with male infertility. Not only is surgical technique described, but expected results and success rates are also presented.

Table of Contents

1 Surgical Anatomy   3

2 Testis Biopsy   8

3 Vasography   26

4 Vasectomy   35

5 Microsurgical Vasovasostomy: Surgical Approach, Decision Making, and Multilayer Microdot Technique   46

6 Microsurgical Vasovasostomy: Two-Layer Technique   61

7 Microsurgical Vasovasostomy: Modified One-Layer Technique   67

8 Treatment of Large Vasal Defects   77

9 Vasal Integrity Following Simultaneous Multiple Reconstructions   96

10 Long-Term Results of Vasovasostomy   104

11 Surgery of the Epididymis     113

12 Indications for Vasoepididymostomy 116

13 Microsurgical Vasoepididymostomy: End-to-End Anastomosis   120

14 Microsurgical End-to-Side Vasoepididymostomy   128

15 Microsurgical Epididymal Tubule Marsupialization for Creation of an Autogenous Tunica Vaginalis Sperm Reservoir   135

16 Alloplastic Spermatocele   142

17 Microsurgical (Micropuncture) Retrieval of Epididymal Sperm with In Vitro Fertilization for the Treatment of Male Infertility   159

18 Varicocelectomy: General Considerations   169

19 Mini-Incision Microsurgical Inguinal or Subinguinal Varicocelectomy with Delivery of the Testis   173

20 Varicocelectomy: Subinguinal Approach   178

21 Varicocelectomy: The Laparoscopic Approach   185

22 Complications and Results of Varicocelectomy   194

23 Hydrocelectomy   199

24 Pediatric Orchiopexy: Preventive Medicine for Infertility   202

25 Scrotal Orchiopexy for Adult Retractile Testis   218

26 Transurethral Resection for Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction   220

27 Electroejaculation   239

28 Gamete Micromanipulation to Facilitate Fertilization   253

29 Microsurgical Equipment and Instrumentation   265

30 Training in Urologic Microsurgery   275

31 Animal Models for Microsurgical Training and Research   297

Index   321

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